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The glass-blower art in Italy, secular tardition, sees our company to assert itself today between the most active protagonists thanks to the experience of Ciro Bianco acquired in many years of work and to the collaboration of his Masters of glass-blower. Therefore the Cristal Line succeeds to satisfy every demand of the customers offering high qaulity products. The main elements of the glass are: silica sand, soda, hydroxide potassium and lead oxide, mixed with other particular elements. These raw materials are fused in crucibles or casting furnaces to the temperature of 1400° C trasforming them in one incandescent mass. This is material that our masters of glass-blower will blow by mouth and they will mould with their skilful hands. Although the hands of our masters of glass-blower have an extraordinary skill that no machine can emulate, they cannot naturally work with mechanical precision. For this reason, some small differences can appear such as differences of height, diameter, thickness or the presence of some small air bubbles. This testifies that the handicraft work rends every article “unique”. We are glad to introduce this catalogue where it is illustrated part of the fertile activity of the Cristal Line, that with constant genius contributes to give prestige to the Italian handicraft.


Via Circumvallazione Esterna, 4

80025 Casandrino

Napoli - Italy

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