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Scali Alabastro produces and exports worldwide its own products in alabaster: chessboards, vases, sculptures, animals, clocks, etc. The head office is located in Volterra, Tuscany, heart of alabaster handicraft since the Etruscan time. Scali alabastro, known and appraised in Italy and abroad, is one of the most important company in Volterra for the production of objects in alabaster. With more than forty years of experience, in a totally handicraft way, Scali Salvatore snc is today at the top in the field of alabaster. In our workshop we still use traditional ways and techniques, transmitted from father to son, to work alabaster. Our production consists of small objects like bonbonniere, decorated boxes, clocks, as well as artistic work to create various animals, chandelier, vases and gift objects of all kinds. Always up to date with the tendencies of contemporary art and design, we make of alabaster a meeting point between sculpture and design, a cultural space in which handmade work and creativity merge. In order to make known and appreciated in Italy and abroad this typical product of our local handicraft, characteristic of the culture and history of Volterra, the Company Salvatore Scali snc has always and still participates to national and international exhibition shows.


C.P.46 / S.S. 68 Km 33 - Loc. Campiano

56048 Volterra

Pisa - Italy

Tel: +39 0588 87737

Fax: +39 0588 85791




Piazza Guido Guerra - 50053 Empoli (FI) Italy - Tel. +39 0571 72000 Fax. +39 0571 72000

P.Iva 05793480483 - REA 575816 - info@galleriacasaitaliana.it