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With a long lasting tradition that was celebrated this year with its 26th anniversary, Gold Line Srl Company is well-known for its precious and rare handcrafts. Based in Castelfidardo, near Ancona, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the Company enjoys a worldwide excellent reputation with its outstanding silver 925‰ handicrafted creations with beautiful decoration in 24 Karat gold and precious stone Thanks to the strong professionalism of its managing and working staff, and the usual commitment to the customer needs, Gold Line Company has acquired freshness and prestige step by step developing a wide range of precious objects that had never been available on the market before. Its range or products includes thousands of items that can be also personalized on costumers preferences: from sculptures in the shape of animals such as horses, eagles, lions, elephants, falcons and many others, to pictures in different sizes with high-relief and low-relief silver plaques; from photo-frames to crystals with various applications; from jewellery cases to the most smart furniture components such as tables, columns, lamps, chessboards, vases as well as unique creations with precious stones. Each Gold Line product is a pure “Made in Italy” item and it relies on the typical Italian hand-crafted process that is worldwide appreciated for the perfect combination between tradition, quality and style. The passion of the Italian master craftsmen, artists and sculptors is evident in any work. They scrupulously work together to create sculptures in different sizes, even in natural size, without using any machinery. A meticulous development process that since decades leads the Company across many considerable satisfactions. Among the most important we rate the supply of many of our creations to the Middle East's Palaces and Courts and to the most prestigious Oil and Gas Companies. These rewards confirm the commitment and the attention that Gold line always pays to the top customers to satisfy their request, this is for us a motivating force to the continuing research for new precious gift items and we believe that this is the right path to follow.


Via M.Mercatali 8/10

60022 Castelfidardo

Ancona - Italy

Tel: +39 071 780444

Fax: +39 071 7821810




Piazza Guido Guerra - 50053 Empoli (FI) Italy - Tel. +39 0571 72000 Fax. +39 0571 72000

P.Iva 05793480483 - REA 575816 - info@galleriacasaitaliana.it