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Art prints in precious frames: these are the products of an important tuscan reality known for decades for its interior design items. Dekor Toscana is a crafts firm merging innovative production methods with traditional workmanship and hand-made details. In the heart of Casentino valley we produce framed prints, mirrors and interior design items, in classic and country styles, following a rooted tradition in wood workmanship dating back to the middle age and developed through the centuries in these lands rich of precious woods that nowadays are part of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park. Dekor Toscana exports its creations all over the world, a range of over 2.000 different lines of high-quality products, thanks to the peculiar design and to the accuracy they are made with. The first step of our work is the careful research of the subjects. Our prints are of maximum quality, mainly consisting of pressed and hand watercoloured reproductions, oil paintings and typographical reproductions. Then comes the selection of woods used for the picture frame, an attentive selection of precious woods as Chestnut, Poplar, Walnut, Frakè, Ayus and Pine, chosen with the subject of the prints and the relevant stylistic choice as reference. The finishings are made only by hand and are marked by the leaf gilding and beeswax. So true masterpieces as born, unique items with the added value given by the extreme care of our production.


Via Campaldino, 45

52010 Porrena/Poppi

Arezzo - Italy

Tel: +39 0575 550274

Fax: +39 0575 509928




Piazza Guido Guerra - 50053 Empoli (FI) Italy - Tel. +39 0571 72000 Fax. +39 0571 72000

P.Iva 05793480483 - REA 575816 - info@galleriacasaitaliana.it